Hansen’s Girl-Loathing, Government-Loving Plan: Ban Abortion, Abortion Pills, Abortion Advertising, Abortion Travelling, Abortion Reimbursement by Companies

Talking about Aryan crud, Associate Jon Hansen (R-25/Dell Rapidstan) enjoys tweeted their anti-woman, big-regulators agenda getting a blog post-Roe Unique Concept:

In the event that Roe v. Go was overturned by Supreme Judge, the newest South Dakota Legislature will convene from inside the Special Training to go over the fresh new professional-life laws and regulations. Listed below are some of one’s actions that we often suggest in order to feel enacted through the all of our Unique Lesson (thread):

Hansen’s first suggestion, to bolster the brand new abortion prohibit that certified pronouncement of the Alito draft tend to bring about, is pretty ominous

(1) Bolster our very own prohibit on abortion one to goes in impression (“triggers”) whenever Roe v. Wade is actually overturned while increasing new violent punishment for performing unlawful abortions.

(3) Affirm our telemedicine abortion bans and you may criminalize the application of and distribution away from abortion medicines towards the county when those individuals medication are increasingly being accustomed terminate the existence out-of Southern Dakota babies.

(4) Wanted you to definitely away from state abortionists refer pregnant South Dakota parents to alternative party guidance to help you monitor to have pressure and coercion ahead of abortionists normally cancel the life away from Southern Dakota infants all over state outlines.

(6) Exclude South Dakota firms eg Auction web sites and you will Citibank regarding purchasing the expense so you’re able to abort Southern Dakota babies and prohibit the official away from using the services of one organization that covers babies to feel aborted.

Of course Hansen invested additional time in law school fostering their enough time-status misogyny and you may fetus obsession than learning real legislation. In the event the their proposals endure official analysis (and you will Hansen, instance too many off his Republican acquaintances, is truly crappy from the Constitutional legislation), they’re going to simply oppress female, develop bodies, and you may damage Southern Dakota’s benefit.

South Dakota’s result in laws currently can make any abortion did from the one stage of pregnancy for any reason except that preserving the fresh lifetime of the fresh new pregnant woman a class 6 crime. Just how commonly Hansen reinforce that ban? Increase it in order to a category 5 crime? Get rid of the exception to have protecting your ex existence? Wanted people so you can are accountable to maternity camps therefore the Unruhs and you will Bishop DeGrood can observe over them up until it submit their babies with the an excellent Christian give? Hansen’s priority suggests that perhaps the draconian result in law won’t be sufficient to meet up this type of theocratic Republicans’ hunger to have control over people and you will medical professionals and everybody more.

Hansen’s next proposition is furthermore obscure and you can completely fallacious. Any type of he intentions to do in order to “verify… equivalent protection” having fetuses, they are in reality contradicting themselves. Into the acting you to fetuses was “humans… residing utero” just like people living in Utica, he is mistaking potential life to have actuality and you may prioritizing this new liberties the guy imputes compared to that prospective stuff-over the newest liberties regarding real human beings, 100 % free women who could possibly vote having Hansen if the the guy weren’t thus dedicated to doubting their equal legal rights.

Inside the third suggestion, Hansen reveals the pretense off calling fetuses “South Dakota kids,” a slightly terrifying terminology that means brand new state’s possession from fetuses plus the women that OR installment loans is actually holding him or her. Hansen proposes to exclude using abortion medications inside Southern area Dakota as well as their delivery hereto. Forbidding so it safe and effective sort of abortion only increases the odds the women that continues to attempt to prevent their undesirable pregnancies face so much more delay into the acquiring smaller safe abortion worry and you may experience injury and you may dying.

Jon Hansen, Twitter thread, ]

Hansen isn’t really content with keeping his nostrils inside regional women’s team. Hansen proposes to visited all over county outlines and you can control what regarding health care organization in other states. For some reason Hansen will use Southern area Dakota laws to make aside-of-state medical care business in order to will not give abortions to help you females out-of Southern area Dakota before the people submit to the anti-abortion propaganda classes one their loved ones the fresh Unruhs and others rating to force to all women in this condition trying abortions. You to Hansen you can expect to increase so it power across condition contours seems absurd: Southern area Dakota cannot prevent otherwise reduce a female out of gonna your physician inside the Denver and you will ending the lady maternity more than simply Southern area Dakota is prevent the citizens regarding traveling to Denver and you can sampling the herbal remedies from the local lead sites.

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